Going beyond Halal consultancy, we also offer companies and organisations, a special-designed programme to ensure that our partners gain their consumer confidence and remain competitive in the market.

Understanding the complexity of the Halal ecosystem that connects businesses, government agencies and institutions, ARK provides a comprehensive advisory services to assist government agencies to create or strengthen a dynamic ecosystem.

Specifically tailored to cater to both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences, our training  modules are developed in collaboration with various agencies to address specific  needs within the halal industry. Our modules cover topics surrounding the tayyib or  wholesome aspect, quality, safety, hygiene, and consumer products, as we prepare you  to face emerging technologies, new trends, technical issues, and challenges that may arise throughout your halal venture.

Going beyond Halal, ARK also offers Halal Integrated Management System consolidating Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Business Continuity Management, Food Safety and Anti-Bribery business processes into one single system of management.

Through ARK’s strategic  partnerships with Islam Channel, we offer significant boost for your brand especially within the global Muslim market. Islam Channel is currently one of the world’s leading and most prominent  televised medium, broadcasting live 24/7 to a global audience spanning 136  countries via free-to-air television platforms as well as online streaming which boasts an average of 10,000 hits a  day.


We Go Beyond Halal

Going beyond Halal consultancy, we also offer  companies and organisations, a special-  designed programme to ensure that our  partners gain their consumer confidence and  remain competitive in the market.

International Syariah Panel

Our International Shariah Panel comprises of  globally renowned experts and practitioners  from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and UK  who can offer clear guidance on all  Halal-related issues.

Halal Assurance System

Our halal standard is in compliance with and  acknowledged by major Halal certification  authorities throughout the world.

Halal Competency Protocol

Clear and precise, our Halal Competency  Protocols can be the basis of your first foray  into Halal compliance and can be adapted to  suit the needs of an existing production line  with minimal downtime.

Multifaceted Technical Team

We have an experienced technical team in  the fields of Islamic food law, food technology,  pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Market Access Via Media & Event

Our strategic partnerships with Islam Channel  TV and Global Peace & Unity Festival offer you  significant presence in the media and global  Muslim consumer market access.


We provide all types of business & financial consultations.

Individual Approach

Finding the right approach is key to successful communication.


Professional management structure will assist you with daily tasks.

Market Research

To keep you informed and prepared, we do the research & analysis.


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