Mohd. Rashid. Mohd. Yunus

ISO Principal Consultant

Mohd. Rashid. Mohd. Yunus is the ISO Principal Consultant. Rashid has trained  more than 1000 personnel through public and in-house…

Dr. Siti Hajar Omar

Medical physician and surgeon

A qualified medical physician and surgeon specialising in obstetrics and  gynaecology, Dr. Siti Hajar Omar is our Pharmaceutical Specialist who…

Dr. Anna Rosweim

Cosmetics Specialist

Dr. Anna Rosweim, our Cosmetics Specialist, heads the Halal Centre at YARSI University in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was a key…

Nur Liyana Sulaiman

Food Biotechnology Specialists

Our Food Biotechnology Specialists, Nur Liyana Sulaiman, is a qualified food scientist with qualifications in Islamic Food Law. She specialises…

Ahmad Farid Mohd Azmi

Food Biotechnology Specialists

Ahmad Farid Mohd Azmi is one of our Food Biotechnology Specialists. He is a lecturer at the National Defence University…

Dr. Fazilah Ariffin

Food and Flavourings Specialist

Dr. Fazilah Ariffin is our Food and Flavourings Specialist who is currently an  Associate Professor at the University of Science…

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